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Early Learning Fund

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Possible uses and use restrictions...

In general, Local Councils may use Early Learning Opportunities Act (ELOA) funds to pay for developing, operating, or enhancing voluntary early learning programs that are likely to produce sustained gains in early learning. In Fiscal Year 2004, the Child Care Bureau will only consider for funding those Local Councils that include in their applications activities for "enhancing early childhood literacy" and two or more of the following activities: (1) Helping parents, caregivers, child care providers, and educators increase their capacity to facilitate the development of cognitive, language comprehension, expressive language, social-emotional, and motor skills, and promote learning readiness; (2) promoting effective parenting; (3) developing linkages among early learning programs within a community and between early learning programs and health care services for young children; (4) increasing access to early learning opportunities for young children with special needs, including developmental delays, by facilitating coordination with other programs serving such young children; (5) increasing access to existing early learning programs by expanding the days or times that the young children are served, by expanding the number of young children served, or by improving the affordability of the programs for low-income families; (6) improving the quality of early learning through professional development and training activities, increased compensation, and recruitment and retention incentives, for early learning providers; and (7) removing barriers to early learning, including transportation difficulties and absence of programs during nontraditional work times. In the case of a collaborative activity funded under the ELOA and another provision of law providing for Federal child care or early learning programs, the use of equipment and nonconsumable supplies will not be restricted to children enrolled or otherwise participating in the program carried out under this program or other provision during a period in which the activity is predominately funded under ELOA or other provision. No person, including a parent will be required to participate in any program of early childhood education, early learning, parent education, or developmental screening pursuant to the provisions of the program. Nothing in this program will be construed to affect the rights of parents otherwise established in Federal, State, or local law. No entity that receives funds under this program will be required to provide services through a particular instructional method or in a particular instructional setting to comply with the program. No funds provided under this program will be used to carry out an activity funded under another provision of law providing for Federal child care or early learning programs, unless an expansion of such activity is identified in the local needs assessment and performance goals under the program. Amounts received under this program will be used to supplement and not supplant other Federal, State, and local public funds expended to promote early learning. ELOA funds may not be used for construction purposes or for the purchase of real property.